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  1. The point is he can feel upset without being attacked. I'm allowed to feel upset as well. I didn't think this would be a big deal so I'm finishing off here.
  2. Jeez, I think you’re taking it a step too far here. It all depends on the perspective you take on this matter. Would you give this attitude to a collector who pays ridiculous prices for his coin collection? Of course he is going to be upset when suddenly that coin starts being minted again. I think I've inadvertently touched on a topic thats been debated for years and I didn't realise this. Clearly I've pressed people's buttons so I apologise. I just wanted to treat myself to something nice. That is all. I don't think anything else needs to be said.
  3. This is what the topic is about. There is absolutely no difference between the two skins. That’s the problem... I don’t care for the text that says “heirloom” either. That means nothing to me, same as you just said it would mean nothing to you. You’re absolutely correct in that buying the heirloom version you could unravel it for more spools than the non heirloom version. But I did not buy it to unravel it for spools, nor would that be a good use of my $$ when you can buy 7 cent skins.
  4. I read about this. Unfortunately I live in Australia and it’s not available anywhere at the moment and getting it shipped costs about the same as just buying it on steam anyway but thank you so much for the suggestion
  5. Read my above post, I’m a newer player. You’re the third person to assume I’ve gone through multiple seasonal events. This is my very first seasonal event. are definitely intending to attack me when you imply that I cannot afford these items. It’s not about that at all. Yes, I rarely treat myself. That doesn’t mean I don’t have the capacity to buy whatever item I want on steam.... Many games have rare items which have insane price tags, much much higher than don’t starve in the 10s of thousands of dollars. Selling exclusivity has always been around, whether video games, trading cards or handbags. I honestly don’t see how it is selfish to want something special and pay the price for it. That’s the deal with anything. I have to get better? I have to learn a lesson not to support and enjoy the game that I play (by buying it’s products)? I clearly said I want everyone to have access to the skin(s). I only want a minor difference to the skin which would only be obtainable through steam trade (as I believed it would be...). And as a new player I’m learning new things, and I guess the item market is one of them and what to buy and what not to buy.
  6. There are several things that have been said that I agree with and others that just wrongly assume things about me and others who bought these skins. Years ago? Who said anything about being a veteran at this game. I’ve been playing for 2 months at most. In fact, I can see how this would appeal to newer players like myself even MORE because we get to have skins of our own without playing ridiculous hours or afking servers. Why are our purchases devalued? How were we supposed to know that steam skins can suddenly become available to weave? There was no evidence of this to an inexperienced eye, I did not once see heirloom skins and normal skins next to each other in the inventory. No, I did not want to resell this item. I wanted it because it looked cool and it was rare. If it was not rare, I would NOT have purchased it. That is part of its value. Unfortunately, unlike yourself and cameo who said they got 10 months out of it I only enjoyed the exclusivity of this item for less than a week. So I did not get value out of this item at all. Cameo did not feel it was unfair because they got value out of it. Again, as a relatively inexperienced player, how was I going to know that these items have the potential to become worthless? From the price history that is available to us, the prices always were high, which confirmed to me that these items are staying high value, although fluctuating. Steam to my knowledge doesn’t show years of item history so unless you’re a veteran you wouldn’t be privy to this. Of course, I know better now that I’ve experienced this happening, and I would not buy high value skins any longer. I had been thinking of buying the Tesla coil skin as well (yes the price is sky high - but who is anyone to judge someone else’s hobby spending habits....?) but now I don’t think I will ever buy this skin in case this happens again.
  7. There's absolutely no difference. The only way you can tell they're different is in the menu you're looking at now. In game it is cosmetically and functionally the same. Sad crockpot gang They actually did raise the rarity, but it doesn't make a difference apart from being able to unravel it for 1350 spools... (easy to get....)
  8. Yep its now a heirloom. And worth way less on market rn.
  9. People already do this with skins though. And this will help increase its value on the market. It won't stay stable at a low price, it will rise. The value of an item and its rarity is quite linear from what I've seen. There are a few exceptions but the value of a spool is generally stable.
  10. The higher spool worth of 3x doesn't do the cost justice. Some items maybe, but these $10+ items not at all.
  11. I posted this in the update thread but I decided it needed a post of its own. Im really happy about the update in general.... however as a purchaser of creepy cauldron and Maxwell krampus costume through the community market, this update causes a huge monetary loss. The cauldron itself cost me around 12 USD, yet now the whole collection costs less than that. I wanted to treat myself to buying this as its a special skin which I rarely see around. I'm no collector or anything, this is one of the rare times I buy these things (and I bought it last week....). I totally understand that everyone should be able to get their hands on it for less $$, but are these heirloom quality items please able to have a difference to the weaveable one? For example, a bloom effect, glowing, sparkling, recoloured, or ANYTHING. We should have 1) an incentive to buy the more expensive items and 2) be assured when buying expensive item that it will stay special. It does not have to be all heirloom items, maybe just the elegant ones as they are the priciest and rarest. Example for cauldron: change goo and tentacle colour or change the couldron colour Just please make it distinguishable because this is killing the rare item market and those who actually choose to buy these items. So many of the items today are now basically worthless. As a participator in the community market, I am now going to be so so much more hesitant to buy higher priced items and I'm sure anyone who bought these skins such as the higher priced Wendy Lureplant or Deerfrid feel similar. At minimum could you heavily increase the spool worth? Another reason the heirloom should be different is the fact that for a duplicate item, it clogs up the inventory when there is no real difference. At least if there was a difference it would make sense to have both in the inventory. This is a big issue right now as tens of items are now unnecessarily duplicated resulting in a huge inventory, it looks crazy! EDIT: To those who think its not affecting the market, it is, people are dumping their items. EDIT 2: Yes I know its worth 3x spools = 1350 for cauldron... this is not enough for the value of the item
  12. Are Mac players seriously going to be ignored like this? I’ve seen over ten bug reports now of the same thing and not one response