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  1. I see pvp working much better in this game if done in the same way the "reforged" mod functions, maybe make some pve/pvp mix gamemode out of it.
  2. I mean, the tropical experience mod gets pretty damn close to having that hamlet experience Other than that, i doubt klei will ever do anything when you guys are acting this entitled and angry about this all the time, maybe try asking nicely?
  3. I really don't see a problem at all with a character bouncing up and down a bit. It's not that graphical at the end of the day. Besides mods are mods, i have seen way more crazy mods and servers in other games.
  4. You can anyway, you have to run 2 servers, connect them with shard, set one as the main shard. and make sure to overwrite the generation to make the second one a cave.
  5. Very doubtful this has anything to do with DST, I play on a stoneage laptop with 4gb ram orso and integrated graphics card. and it runs perfect as long as i dont host myself.
  6. I mean, make a mod and run your own server than. why do you want to limit everybody playing?