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  1. Hey, so I was doing some scouting around in godmode, and I came across this setpiece. I think I may be the first one to discover it, so I'm here to share it to the world! I herby dub this "The Bulb Farmer". Poor bloke figured out how to grow lightbulbs, but was too late...
  2. Im just here to discuss the odd things that happen when you mess with setpieces. like for instance, all the moose goose ponds always having normal berries even when it's a juicy berry world (Figure 1). Or, an even more specific scenario, the jack-o-lanturns not spawning around the portal even when your world is set to perma-hallowed-nights, UNLESS it is live hallowed nights (figure 2). i was wondering if anyone knows why this happens, and if there is a way to fix it or a pre-existing mod that fixes it. the mods i was using for testing were Force Reed Trap, Do Your World, and Setpiece Config.