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  1. Yeah it seems you can still melt any metal as long as you can make it with an aquatuner. The other metals aren't as forgiving as steel, it's almost like they made it to be used this way where you could melt it and have quite a lot of temp range to manage and move it around before heating it up more.
  2. That too i realised. Thermo Aquatuner melts before it has a chance to overheat too (and turn off auto-repair)
  3. Also, to get it all started, that's where the extra pipes at the top of it come in. That's to melt thermo aquatuners, pipe some super coolant through one and you'll get 1200kg of molten steel in about 1-2 minutes, very quick process (much quicker than ice makers). I melted 2 of them to get 2400kg of molten steel, hence the liquid storage tank between the "melter" part and the refinery. This tank also helps to smooth the heating process so it's not too sudden and you can slowly come up to the vaporisation temp of steel (3860ish) without going over it (have done this before, lots of clean up and starting again when you get it wrong and go over temp on the liquid steel) Main reason to use steel is that it melts at 2400ish deg, but then doesn't go solid again till 1200 or so. So you can pump it around through the pipes and it won't go solid before you can stick it into a Metal Refinery and keep it hot. When first getting the steel up to 3000-3200deg or so, only refine steel as this will give the highest heat output for the molten steel and get you up to temp quickly. Then only refine Iron Ore or Aluminium Ore if you can get enough from space. You can't keep refining steel as it adds 606deg to the molten steel and since it goes back into the refinery at 3400 or so, this puts it above it's vaporising temp. Gold is "ok" but it's not a high enough increase in temp. Iron is boarder line as it gets it close/over the 3800deg mark, which gets risky. Ali seems to be the sweet spot.
  4. Hey guys, New to posting but have a good 500-600 hours in the game so far. Single build/base with around 4500 cycles. Have been reading through this and have come up with my own weird way to get a tonne of Tungsten from the Abyssalite. It's very dodgy but the way it works is flawless. The automation helps to make sure the tile doesn't hit 5kg which then won't take the energy/heat from the "coolant" (being liquid steel) and will quickly get higher than it's boiling point. Keeping the tile filled up between 500-1500kg seems to be a perfect mix. I've only used one mod which can convert refined metals back to raw metals. Currently have it on a constant aluminium cycle since this seems to be the safe point of keeping the thing running forever. Have taken a lot of inspiration from a tonne of different posts around here and the flaking seems to be the perfect option to get heaps of Tungsten very quickly. No need to worry about the tile heating up as by the time the tile gets warm, more Abyssalite gets added and keeps the tile temp down around the 45deg mark (maybe i'm just lucky that what i've been putting in so far has been all cool stuff). Couple of screenshots of the setup. Can try to get some gameplay video to show how it works for a cycle or so if you're interested. (yes my base is in no way optimized but for a single base with only 7 dead dupes throughout the build (usually from getting suck with falling regolith/sand). But back to topic, this does work perfectly. Steam works very well and is extremely easy to get setup and working.Since you can get through the gaps diagonally, can pump in some water into the "hot" section at the start. The conveyor rails are to take the tungsten to the molecular forge to get me more Thermium where needed. Great thing about Tungsten is that because it has such a low thermal mass, it's very simple to cool down from 3400deg to 50-60deg without heating anything else up too much. Also purposefully built it near edge of space, just incase there was something that got hot that wasn't meant to, the gas would just dissapear after a couple of cycles and be all good again. The large amount of random viscogel is there in very specific places (roughly hahah) to keep the equipment cool that needs to be kept cool. Hope you enjoy and this helps anyone that doesn't have any glittering planets and can't get anymore tungsten another way. EDIT: Uploaded a quick vid to youtube to see it running and how quickly it gets tungsten: Automation is to count each 5kg block that flakes off the Abbysalite so when it's taken off 500kg, the automatic dispenser adds it's 500kg back into the block, allowing more to be flaked off. Dupes only need to come in for 2 reasons. To fill the dispenser and to work the metal refinery. Piping is a nightmare, but once you get it right, it's great. All piping where possible is made from insulation to stop any heat transfer into the pipes melting them down.