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  1. Connected successfully, but I still don't get drops
  2. I haven't logged into the game for a long time due to my busy work, but now I don't receive my rewards when I log in to the game. Following the tutorial doesn't work either....
  3. This problem is still not fixed, I can't connect to my twitch account, it keeps looping and connecting
  4. can't open!
  5. What happened, cyclum cannot be opened after entering the account password
  6. I have enough points and every time I click to redeem, it keeps showing this error. Log in to the site repeatedly, still the same
  7. 有了这样的验证问题,蒸汽无法登录到Klei官方网站,重定向失败。
  9. Why did I fail to drop the third after getting 2 drops? I have watched the live broadcast for a day (drops are enabled in the live room)