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  1. It doesn't look like there is a new subdomain for puzzles...
  2. You can also use chester instead of houndius, it makes the setup a lot cheaper
  3. Neat, the columns is such a simple but elegant solution! I was trying to solve the problem with 3 crops and really overthought it, here is my 4 crop solution: 3 "expensive" crops (garlic, onion and dragonfruit/durian) and 1 "cheap" crop (tomato): Yes, you get a ton of tomatoes and you need 4 more farm tiles, but at least my OCD is satisfied harvest:
  4. Dwarf star was too near the farm tiles and the crops started smoldering and burning (There are 4 tiles and 32 crops planted). As more and more of them turns to ashes, the game slows down, at first the character cannot move and it is only possible to change orientation with Q/E, then it is also not possible, then the game freezes and then crashes, after restarting the server the last save point is restored.
  5. I have already completed sleepytime ensemble and have received sleepy emote before. When I received part of that ensemble as a daily gift (duplicate, see screenshot 2), I saw that I received the emote again (screenshot 1) and when I went to the emotes page I saw that sleepy emote had a "new" label on it (no screenshot unfortunately).
  6. One day I just randomly noticed a buzzard standing on water and doing their usual animations and sounds (screenshot 1). I changed into Woodie to investigate further and indeed found multiple buzzards standing on water near edges of both dragonfly desert (screenshot 2) and oasis desert (screenshot 3)