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  1. (In song) Someone on your server Forgot that Deerclops comes on day 30 He's still at base when Deerclops comes for his face OUCH THAT'S GOTTA HURTY!!!! (Also I quite like Wigfrids singing voice, and I can't wait to hear more of it outside of the carol emote)
  2. Then this is what wes must look like under that robe (Y'know, if he was still in the real world)
  3. I think the bloomed version would either be that flower in the vine, the vines themselves, or the pumpkin opening up to reveal its guts/seeds
  4. I agree with most of the things said here, except for the "spiders are useless in combat" While they do need a Webber exclusive buff, they are somewhat competent in combat I developed a saying from one of my Webber play-throughs, "Never Underestimate Spiders", because I saw just a level 2 nest kill an entire Big Treegaurd While Max NEEDS a buff, it's not too easy to keep going to the swamp every time you need to commit mass deforestation Charlie HATES Maxwell, given by her comments on some of the character's quotes once hidden in the game files It's likely she didn't want to free Maxwell, or she was waiting until someone will a lot less knowledge of her and the constant was trapped on the throne (ei. Wilson)
  5. I just get back and I see this AMAZING Here are my initial thoughts 1st, I was worried that Wigfrid was gonna skyrocket to S++, but with the small amount of changes, I feel like her carnivore downside and her new downside of only being able to use her songs after fighting for a bit, I feel like she is relatively balanced 2nd, I love how her new features make her a support fighter, just as I always saw her 3rd, I can't wait to try out these new "songs", from giving everyone a small damage boost to getting some of her forge abilities, I can't wait to see what exactly these "Songs" do!
  6. Aight, how is the gorge, an event where if you lose, you turn into a merm, supposed to work with Wurt, a merm?
  7. Year of the Ox: Year of the Beefalo Year of the Tiger: Year of the Catcoon Year of the Bunny: Year of the Bunnymen Year of the Dragon: Year of the Dragonfly Year of the Snake: Year of the Poison Snake/Frog Year of the Horse: ????? Year of the Goat: Year of the Voltgoat Year of the Monkey: Year of the Splumonkey
  8. Fair, but no-one said you had to stop your boat If your in a clear area, just get off the wheel, maybe lower the anchor, and just pump till it's gone If you are in a cluttered area, you should be already be going extra slow, so you could easily get to the pump Also have an ice staff or a couple water balloons in case you can't get to the fire pump or the fire pump caught fire