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  1. Honestly this is the (with fierce competition) best theory, it isn't way over the top and it even explains his unlock
  2. So, If we can put twigs in a crock pot, which are literally inedible, (Unless you are a Beaver, Termite, or Canadian) why can't we put something which is edible and is common animal feed, even within the constant, inside one too?
  3. Wait did I make an Among Us joke in August!? That has to be the one of the craziest coincidences!
  4. I was talking about how he didn't like how you supposed too much to work on the lunar island right next It is the other day and peace be upon him in the torches slight change of heart disease,and I was gonna see if you supposed too much on this thread in the torches and Wildfires in a steam game is designed to solve the other two weeks ago,
  5. Ban @ZeeDragon because first time I tried to reply this I accidentally hid it
  6. I have found the forum weapon equivalent of a dark matter bomb
  7. Brain cells I have left right now (IT'S 11:26 PM HELP ME)
  8. How much do not know that one stupid to see you soon,the more mythical and peace of Thieves.was going through this info is in any case the thread going through some reeds in his If it doesn't look too far,