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  1. You know that tiny part of water and your like JUST JUT OVER IT what if we could craft somthing to fix it so anyone got ideas?
  2. Hello, I do not know if this is only me but when I bought a key for Don't Starve and was to be sent to my emailbut it never showd after a week or 2 and if anyone could just spare or just buy a copy of Don't Starve I would be very greatful if you could buy it for me right now with the pandemic it has been crazy. If anyone can donate I can give you my steam profile that is "" all you hae to do is fredd me or mesage me with a key or just somthing and I want you to know have a great day or night and stay safe!
  3. So is this just me or some of the links to get the free points for Klei Rewards dont work like on the first page it says "Thanks for signing up! Feel free to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram" then you can claim a reward of 1700 points this dose not work for me and I want to know if anyone else was having this problem?