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  1. lmao, it's alright. Yes, it's a 1650 Graphics Card, 4 gigs.
  2. hey there, just thought i'd update this. i just upgraded to a 1650 today (yay) and now pathfinding is... instant? it may just be coincidence, but i definitely think there's something more.
  3. I have 46 farm tiles dedicated to mushrooms. i've already 'used' 2 or 3 slime biomes, at the bottom i accidentally turned most of it into dirt with my steam / crude oil heat thing. More findings on this issue, while playing my CPU is only at 23% utilization, RAM at 56% and GPU at a whopping 78% - and the only reason the GPU stops there is because it's maxing out the GPU's small 2 GB of memory. So, perhaps there's something more than the textures being utilized there.
  4. i mean if you think about it doesn't bitcoin mining use gpu power for calculations? maybe it's used for calculations in oni too..?
  5. All of these are great responses, and i apologize for my slow response as i don't frequent the forums. i have 21 dupes and 15 critters, but i use to have loads more (i'm running out of food lmao, all my pips starved bc of heat on the trees), i have mined out massive parts of the map, and had no airlocks anywhere except geysers because i'm not worried about weird gases in my base - until now lmao. so yeah to say the least, gas is mixed everywhere. now i have been starting to make my storage containers only one material - since my dupes decided delivering 52.4 grams at a time (example number) was smart, when they have the max capacity of carrying. I've started to go the 'permasuit' route (where when dupes wake they put on atmosuits), however, i think this was my dumbest decision this whole play through. Although i'm on cycle 791, and progressing greatly, i think i'm going to restart with the new advice in mind (also because i only have 500k kcal left and that will last no time at all) heat has taken over everything from me not insulating my **5 Aquatuners** because i thought they only got up to around 200F (they're 314F currently lmao), thank you all for the helpful tips have a good day. I have 2x8 gigs at 3200 mhz in slot 2 and 4 (as per MOBO manual)
  6. Hi there! I'm on cycle 790 of the game, and have been starting to experience 'lag' It's not lag from frame drops, but rather lag with path finding. I'm still getting 40-60 FPS, and would like to know if anyone else has a similar issue or could give some tips to fix it? Specs: Ryzen 5 3600 GTX 750 TI 16 gb ddr4 @ 3200 mhz ONI is on a SSD Thank you! Edit: See page two for more info