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  1. I hate to harp on Klei, I really do, But RoT was way to under baked The content it added, was all surface level, with 0 depth. Pearl is useless because the new fishing is atrocious and expensive fsr, Archives are useless because of the lack of Thulecite, and how slow it takes to from a single piece (Which Wagstaff's quote implies they are of darker descent!) The Crab King is the worst boss in the game, he's unenjoyable for anyone playing solo, and the only boss I've ever switched to Wolfgang for (And I've killed Misery Toadstool). Things like stone fruit and salt boxes were good additions because they actually added SOMETHING to the basic gameplay loop. The boats themselves are to clunky and slow, and all of they're trinkets take up way to much space. Malbatross was alright, but they're way to hard to find, The Moonstorm is proper late game content, an infinite light source and permanent full moon are two very powerful things, but the Update did absolutely nothing for a majority of the player base. Reap What You Sow, is the best update in awhile, it completely changes the way farming works, and seeing players in just about every server use the new system shows the kind of content that this game can benefit from. Overall, most of it doesn't work and it's hard to fix everything in a single update, but I want more from the sea, I want things that affect the way I live, stone fruit and salt was a good addition and how Klei should focus on the content, as a survival game first. (Also sidenote, The story was alright, it put a ton of pieces in motion, and just hasn't done anything with them, although the moon could have used some kind of in game appearance besides the moon dial)
  2. All of his torso lacks any details accurate to his artwork, his tie is missing. His coat ceases at his pants line, and the sleeves only go to half his arm, his shoes and pants are no where close, and his little shoulder spikes are just gone. Whoops, Im a little stupid, you were talking about warly, my point still stands about Maxy though
  3. I want Maxwell's coat to be a coat and not a walmart jacket I do seriously hope they make him more consistent with all his other designs in the artwork
  4. The problem is that compared to every other character, Wilson is so weak in every way. Every character can get by much easier than him because they have perks that help with survivability and usefulness. I don't want Wilson to have a different play style, he should be the basic boy, but giving him additional healing and science crafts to help him out would make him much more interesting.
  5. I can't be the only one who thought this was really funny right? An ancient being sends down a hulk of a monster to fight, and it just gets completely distracted by some crows
  6. Yo whaddup, Im Erin, She/Her all the way
  7. I edit videos sometimes, make memes for my friends, play Spelunky 2 or Risk of Rain 2 with the bois, if I'm not doing those, its either YouTube or Tears
  8. Speedrunning isn't about beating something in under an hour, as long as they beat it, it counts. The fun comes in trying to optimize it, someone out there will speedrun it, no matter how long.
  9. As I've shown before, these two are not the hard ones, in any way, they require a bit of luck with generation just to get the staff and back up top for the mooncaller event itself. Crab king is his own beast, and getting the pearl is even worse. What I would love to see, is a co-op speedrun, where one player handles these two while the other person handles pearl and crab king, this way time is fully optimized. Just theory crafting at the moment is fun, I'll doubt I'll ever do anything, but if I have any good ideas I'll let you guys know
  10. How does wormwood have a skull? He's a plant? Also have no idea if its intentional of not, but the new boss has a tendency to agro onto random birds over the player fsr
  11. I swear there's a reason Maxwell isn't there, will be hunting later.
  12. I agree that this update does nothing for players who aren't in late game (which is a majority of the player base) but what it does add is a constant full moon, a new boss and a way to change the moon cycle. This is huge for late game players, and the infinite miners hat is huge. I understand your dissapointment, they could have added more, but you just have to have hope for those future moon crafts ; )
  13. Maxwell all the way, as a primarily solo player never having to worry about getting resources is amazing, his sanity Regen is the definition of Luxury, his personality I find very entertaining, and his voice is my favorite. Also lore. (Also Klei, please give him a skin for his fur coat from adventure mode)