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  1. assorted stuff that i can share here
  2. oops i forgot the forums existed lol... anyway heres a comic about wes and maxwell reconciling and properly becoming friends again enjoy
  3. aww thank you very much, that means a lot to me!!! and yes, maxy really wanted some puddings, theyre his favorite snack
  4. ah thank you!!! i try my best at portraying their relationship in a way that is realistic and in character
  5. stuff from a whiteboard sesh i did w my friends
  6. heres a silly halloween drawing..! (i hope im using this website right)
  7. thank you!!!!!! that means a lot hehe LOL yeah but dont tell anyone i do.....!!!
  8. heres some stuff ive drawn over the past few months! i love this game..... ill try and post more doodles later C: