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  1. Kiting has lower dps than tanking because you have to take time running back and forth. For example in dearclop fight kiting will often results in insanity aura takes a toll on your sanity, making you insane even during fight, while tanking next to campfire usually costs much less sanity. Whether tanking or kiting is more efficient depends on the specific fight and character. For example, Wendy can't kite most enemy efficiently because her sister Abigail refuses to kite, while with tanking Wendy and Abigail can have amazing dps. Another example will be shadow rooks and bishops, which is invulnerable during their attack animation, therefore must be kited.
  2. Well I learned a lot from Don Giani's video. Definitely recommend that.
  3. The only character I beat any raid boss with is Wendy, on a beefalo. I uses beefalo so much that I forgot how to kill dearclop without one.
  4. Use Weather pain or use Wendy Eat sanity food or use Wendy Wear Bee Queen Crown or use Wendy Lazy explorer is a must, unless your ball is so large you can use boomerang to hit unseen hands. (I couldn't) If shadow creatures are bothering you, you can use the insanity unload trick with the wormhole just outside atrium.
  5. My problems with fighting bee queen solo on top of a beefalo is that you can't heal while on top of a beefalo, and bee queen and her minions attacks you relentlessly giving you little time to jump off, feed, and jump on, and if your beefalo was attacked when you're off then beefalo aggros and you can't remount. That basically means a uses of pan flute every time your beefalo needs to heal. On the other hand, it's hard to kite bee queen, even though beefalo is immune to slowdown by bee queen's honey patch. especially since beefalo can be slow down by honey patch. From my experience, beefalo is helpful in every kite-able fight, or fight that has long period of down time. For example, Klaus, Dragonfly, Shadow pieces, etc.
  6. I actually wish DS and its DLCs would update character reworks like Wendy's. I simply can't go back to original Wendy with suicidal Abigail anymore.
  7. Confirmed it works on PC. Basically drag Abigail's flower on top of a pet and it should show return. Click and Abigail will return to her flower. Personally I think it could come in handy even for PC server. When I travels in caves sometime Abigail can't keep up with me and I have to wait for her to catch up at Tentapillars.
  8. Exactly. A buff for example pigman's wood farming speed or bunnyman's health or beefalo attack damage will change the game so much and give Wigfrid's playstyle extra dimensions.
  9. I bet 100% it involves a pan flute, a beefalo horn, a gnarwail horn, and a one-man band.
  10. Well, the character's quotes when using the celestial portal is just so sad to read. Obviously Beefalo taming involving non cooperative player behavior, aka griefing, is an issue that Klei need to address. I agree with you on that. However, depreciating the value of Beefalo taming just because of the damage griefing could cause is not warranted imo. Beefalo domestication is beneficial in some situation for some playstyle involving some characters, and that makes it a good feature for me. After all, no one say you must domesticate a beefalo in dst.
  11. I would argue that all the above is more expensive than maintaining a beefalo that can tank, fight, heal with just a twig per use, or a couple of nitre and wood if left idle. In my 900 days Wendy playthough I tamed a beefalo on day 24 and I couldn't even count how many tentacle spikes/wooden armor/foodball helmet/pierogi it saved for me. Also personally I don't use celestial portal because according to lore your character has to die in order for it to work, and I don't like that. Sure its personal preference.
  12. Couldn't agree more. I once tested using 17 bramble husk to fight bee queen. It almost get to Wendy's effectiveness. If only the durability was increased to like 500 and damage absorption decreased to 50% or even 30% so it could last longer.