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  1. Wahh thank u so much :D!!!! I adore using bright colors tbh they're so fun
  2. well well well, look who's finally back. thats right. its me. B) here u go. some canon doops and some oc ones. the oc ones are all some i made on my old old OLD account with some wee touch ups, the one in the top left corner especially had some bigger changes but hes generally the same lol :'D
  3. oh wow i didnt expect to see Mele be drawn all this time since i was active here so I guess im back now lol. Hey everyone it's HotChocolate, I go by snail now but i'm back I guess. Seein my ocs are still like, remembered by some folks round here it motivated me a bit lol. So uh yeah. hi again. here's some ol' dupe ocs i think I can post here, some with slightly different looks than before haha my artstyles completely changed since those years ago, but yeah. its me. hi