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  1. Dear Klei, I purchased the Wurt Skin Packet "The Victorian" and I really like it. But there are some things that bug me with the skin: When Wurt is no wearing the "Kid Frock" it looks like "Cloven Kid Hooves" are pants and not acutally part of her; this is because of the different color and the thick black line at the top of the "CKH" skin. This line and color are covered when you wear the Frock but if you want to wear something else, you often end up seeing the strange color difference and it's even worse if you don't wear a Shirt. The same goes for the "Fuzzy Kid Claws" which look more like gloves than her actual hands. If Wurt is in her "Active Merm King"-mode the colors are more alike (could still be a bit more more alike) and the black line is gone so it looks more natural then when she is in her normal mode. I took the time to make some pictures of Wurt and circled the problems I see the skin having. I really hope you consider improving her Victorian Skin a bit, as I really like the idea of a goaty Wurt.