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  1. That seems to be working perfectly. Thank you! Will I be able to replace nightmare fuel with other items though?
  2. I can't find it. Also, my number isn't going to be the only one. My sister uses my computer to play her steam games too.
  3. If you mean where it tells me on screen what the error is and where, it didn't show me that. As I said, I tried loading my game and it sent me back to character select then froze and crashed. No error message, it just stopped working.
  4. It didn't work. After implementing it and loading my game I was sent back to character select then it froze and crashed.
  5. I'm assuming I should put this in the foodtype's file not the character prefab. Where in the file should it go?
  6. I figured it out this afternoon. Apparently I needed to copy the nightmarefuel lua file from the game data to my mod instead of having a file with the same name. It's weird because none of the mods I looked at had to do that. I'm running into a new problem though. Testing with nightmare fuel, no "eat" option is given to the item in game. The character successfully refuses to eat anything else but without the eat option they can't eat the one thing they're allowed to.
  7. It didn't work. The game returned an error. It seemed to take issue with the whole "TheWorld" part.
  8. It's different for different characters. I have a few to add this feature to. I'm testing it out with nightmare fuel though. The file needs to be somewhere in the custom character mod though since it has to be included with the character no matter who has the file. If I just edit the game files without including them in the mod then it won't work for anybody that downloads it because their files aren't modified.
  9. Currently I'm just really confused by the whole food file thing. I know that the third line of code goes in the character's prefab file under master postinit, but it sounded like you want me to make a separate file altogether for the first two and I can't even begin to figure out what folder that file should go in or what to even name it. That's kind of something I need to know before I can create it. Or can it go in the character's prefab file along with the third line of code? If so, what part would it need to be under? I've already found out that certain tags have to go in certain areas of the prefab or the thing just returns an error, so I assume this would do the same if I put it in the wrong place. Edit: I tried making a seperate file in the prefab folder for the first two lines of code you gave and used nightmare fuel for the test but it just kept crashing no matter what I did.
  10. I have the character's prefab file stuff pretty much down already. I'm just getting tripped up will this whole "food file" business that's you're mentioning. I don't even know where it's supposed to go or what to label it. I don't need you to do it for me. I just need some more detailed instructions so I can do it myself. I'm never going to learn if I just hand the work off to other people.
  11. So, only the third one goes in the character's prefab under master postinit. Then what folder/files do the other ones go in? You're talking to somebody that's extremely new at this.