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  1. Hi. I am wanting to put a scorpion in the world and I tried to use what is used in the forge. Only it is inactive looking like a cone. How do I get him active as if I'm playing the event? Thanks.
  2. Interesting. How do I do this? Can you show me where it works, I mean, which script works with this block?
  3. My goal is to understand how things work so that I can implement them later. These questions are confusing because I'm trying to learn, I apologize for that. But, according to your answer, if I want to change something in the world somewhere specific (add or remove a piece of land, spawn monsters, etc.), this is done with commands in the modmain file, right? Thanks, I'll take a look.
  4. I am using these small examples to understand the concept of how to implement something. The first image shows the assembled island using a static_layout, the second image shows the altered island (added a path at that specific position) after doing some action (as an example click on the torch). I'm wondering if I can make this change with another static_layout or something else?
  5. I need to get some obstacles out of my mind that won't let me move forward on my project. The image inside the game, which I showed above, is an island that was created as a static_layouts. Can I place more pieces on that static_layout in a specific position? (other than within the static_layout that created the island). For example, after some action, add two ground at the top connecting the inside with the outside of the island.
  6. In the example below, what do 'entrace_room' and 'room_choices' do? And, a task that has a 'QUAGMIRE_TRIBE' key, will it call to run that task? And that task will call to run another task that has a 'QUAGMIRE_PARK_L1' lock, is that it? AddTask("Contest", { locks = LOCKS.QUAGMIRE_TRIBE, keys_given = { KEYS.QUAGMIRE_PARK_L1 }, entrance_room = "contestroom", room_choices = { ["blankbuffer2"] = 8, }, room_bg = GROUND.IMPASSABLE, background_room = "BGImpassable", colour = {r = 2, g = 1, b = 0, a = 1} })
  7. I name my tasks when I want to interrupt them. For example: "inst.'taskname' = inst:DoPeriodicTask (time, function () ... end)" and when I want to cancel: "inst.'taskname':Cancel()" This way has worked for me. I started modding a little while ago, so I won't be able to help you much.
  8. I don't know if I understand what you want, but to stop a PeriodicTask I use 'Cancel ()'; in your case: inst.task:Cancel ().
  9. Hello again. Looking at the 'Prison Island' mod, the terrain was built into the file inside the static_layouts folder, as shown in the code in the image below. If I want to build a map with a specific format, will I have to build it by adding the numbers within 'data', as was done in this mod, or is there another way to build a map with a specific format? Someone who has knowledge in worldgen and wants to help others, could update and improve this tutorial (link below) from 5 years ago. It will help a lot.
  10. Hello everyone. I want to start working with worldgen but I have no idea where to start. I looked for some publications talking about it and the ones I found were made 5 years ago and are out of date. Can someone show me, at least, the initial path of what needs to be done, for example, to create a world with a small piece of land just for me to start to understand and try to develop from there. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hello. Is there any way to change the position of the layers in the Spriter? For example, I want, in the back position, that the head is above the torso in the game. I can change on the spriter but it is not changed in the game. Thanks.
  12. For the example above, I solved it with the code below. But I still want an explanation of how the widgets work, if anyone can do this favor, I appreciate it. AddClassPostConstruct("widgets/inventorybar", function(self, owner) self.bgcover:Kill() repeat table.remove(self.equipslotinfo) until #self.equipslotinfo==0 function Inv:SelectDefaultSlot() end end)
  13. Hello. I'm trying to understand how widgets work, someone could give a didactic explanation. An explanation of when to use AddClassPostConstruct (); Class (Widget, function (self, ...)). For example, if I want to remove that inventory bar, image below, and add another image, what should I do? Thanks in advance.