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  1. That's only on the left side. The temperature here varies A LOT. The right side is in the negatives. The left side is around 80. It's like our weather here in Atlanta....
  2. THAT MAKES THE MOST SENSE!!! Apparently the others didn't read about the bottles being there from when I already cleaned it up once before. So it was *already* cleaned up when all of this was built, and had no chance to drop more... except what you said about the bottles disappearing when the liquid freezes. I'm actually already in the process of adding a space heater on the right side. The left side was initially too warm.
  3. WHERE is this water coming from? This area has been set up for a while. No changes to it. I have the mesh tile at the top to let cooler air come in. But I highlighted that tile above it to show it's just granite. Granite doesn't melt. And water doesn't leak diagonally through tiles. The pipes have not been removed or replaced recently (which I know also causes water leakage). This is a complete mystery to me. This area keeps filling up with water and killing the plants. You can see the bottles at the bottom where I have cleaned up the water before. But where does the water come from???
  4. I agree! This should DEFINITELY be a part of the game!
  5. I was told this mod was out there, and searched through a few pages of this forum, as well as using a few keywords. But I can't find a mod that just lets me sweep specific items. I really hate clicking through the list to get to the water jug I want to sweep, past tons of dirt, polluted dirt, and all kinds of rock imaginable. Anyone know of the mod that sweeps specific items only?