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  1. The teleportato mod might give some insight on setting up a persistent inventory.
  2. Thanks for the info! When you say checks on the character, do you mean the client? I guess I should clarify that the mod I am thinking of making would be a server-wide one, not a character mod.
  3. Sorry that I am responding a week later. I have sat here trying to understand how to do the overrides, but I'll be honest, I have no clue how to start. I have brainstormed some ideas, but after I sit back and think about them, they make zero sense. How would something like this look? Edit: currently, my idea is to take the DoDelta for, say, health, and then just put in the code from the DoDelta for sanity.
  4. Well, I accidentally put this in the Don't Starve forum, but I meant it to be here. Anyway: I'm trying to make my first mod for this game that uses this idea of converting the things that affect sanity into things that affect hunger instead (as in, picking up a dark flower would decrease hunger instead of sanity). Is there a mod that does something similar to this?
  5. I'm trying to wrap my head around some of these declarations and functions. I will put out the two that are confusing me the most: local StalkerBrain = Class(Brain, function(self, inst) Brain._ctor(self, inst) self.abilityname = nil self.abilitydata = nil self.snaretargets = nil self.hasfeast = nil self.hasminions = nil self.checkminionstime = nil self.wantstospikes = nil end) I'm getting confused by the first bit to be honest. What's a class? Is it like a struct? local function IsDefensive(self) return self.inst.components.health.currenthealth < TUNING.STALKER_ATRIUM_PHASE2_HEALTH end I'm getting confused by a small part of the return statement. Is self a lua keyword or was it a created one? Same with inst. What exactly do self and inst refer to? Also, any resources that would be useful to understand lua better would be appreciated.