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  1. I never got to see how those little pests left the world ... now it's a must see early summer event. (ps: it's just a recreation ...)
  2. this is the story ... with my friends we forgot to defeat the "antleon" before going down to the caves and one of them went to afk
  3. if your problems are the frogs ... well there is the moose/goose or the dragonfly ... I don't see a problem there, just being something more or less annoying If you know what to do in the period of time between the beginning and the end of autumn, any character breaks what it is to starve. Wormwood is a plant ... but do you know if they are xerophytes, hydrophytes or mephophytes? depending on that it can vary a lot ... A LOT. that's true, i won't deny it. okaaaay... i'm sensing a looooot of anger here. I know this is a game mechanic, but it is your choice whether you want to have an enslaved kingdom or live happily wherever you want to settle and fight your own battles without involving your kingdom. that is something else ... I don't see what the great and atrocious problem is with her being a girl ... sorry for my poor english
  4. Is it possible for Wilson to lose hope of finding the base?