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  1. I don’t know exactly where to post for some help.ive has this game in my switch for more than a year and I’m still having the same problems .thermal stone doesn’t heat it cool down for more than 10 seconds . Today I encountered another problem that ended up killing me .. summer came on day 21 even tho it’s always been autumn ,winter ,then summer I wasn’t prepared and ended up burning Because the thermal stone wouldn’t keep cool.i don’t know what todo it seems like the switch edition is just terrible .can we get our money for this ?
  2. Im having problems with the thermal stone not heating or cooling at all ,touch stone not activating even after I activated it ,safe zone for the flingomatic machine so you don’t setup anything outside the safe zone isn’t visible like it is on the pc .and today I just came up on something else where I was planting a spider nest at the edge of the world and for some reason it bounced me off to the water and couldn’t get back on land so I was wondering around the water on foot trying to find a way back on land but just ended up quitting the game as it seemed like it was a bug .i have the pc version and I love it and was hoping to be able to play it on the go when I’m away from home .please help IMG_0157.MOV
  3. Hello I’m a Nintendo switch user trying to play don’t starve reign of giants but it’s almost impossible to get past winter let alone summer for the fact that my thermal stone doesn’t work like at all.the stone turns blue but as soon as I leave the endothermic fire pit I start burning .is there anything you can please do as I live playing especially now that I’ve gotten my switch .also another thing that is helpful is having a security ring around your ice flingomatic so you know where to place everything ,on the pc it shows how far the safe zone is but on the switch I notice it doesn’t let you know where the safe zone is and I’ve had a bunch of things burn down for this reason .thanls in advance I’d appreciate it if you could get it fixed