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  1. "Physics", they say... Do you know that you don't have to change your whole house's wires when you add a boiler or a heat pump, IRL ? You have to add power, yes, but you don't have to destroy then rebuild all the house ! This new thing in the basement is not a source for your bedroom's light to overheat ? I think it's a pity that electricity in the game is nonsense.
  2. Hello, Same with small ones. Last version of the game, without the DLC. Nobody here has any idea about how to bypass this bug ? On the Klei forums ? Nobody ??? Am I the only one who get this thing ? Edit : ohhh, my little wire is not correct... But there is one error icon which has nothing to do here.
  3. Hello, Game started with the version before january the 12th but it also occurs with the last update and a new game. I often have a strange bug with my large power transformers: they sometimes behave as if there were no power, but there is ! The bug genrerally appears after a modification of the circuit (on/off/on). Most time, I only have to destroy the Large Transformer then rebuild it, and it's okay but I now have one who does not want to obey... (I apologize for my English.) Regards