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  1. For me, it was Eonwe. Negotiation, Battle, Eonwe goes down, take rewards, crash Rinse and repeat Seems like whatever was done to prevent people from leaving and returning to get a decent graft is causing a crash As far as evaluating how it is for new players, I really doubt I can do that. A new player likely isn't going to take 10 shills over a new card 80-90% of the time, and I can't bring myself to take cards that will only hinder my deck. To try and evaluate, I started a game with Sal, with all decks disabled, on prestige zero. I took the rarest card available every time, to simulate a brand new player. Day one was pretty easy. I got past the first boss without crashing. On day two, I went to work for the Admiralty, and I accepted the tax collection quest, because I wouldn't know not to as a new player. I lost all resolve by the second merchant negotiation.
  2. When I read through this thread yesterday, I knew I had a Blacklist over 30. Since I just finished getting Sal to 100% on Experimental last night, I decided to see how high I could get it today. I can't remember if it's been higher before, but I'll update if I get it higher while getting Rook to 100%. It's only one higher, but:
  3. I'm not sure why, but Rook's Blacklist comments make me chuckle. "So-and-So, is it?" "I think I'll just just down your name." "Taking your name, buddy." Then they lose a bunch of resolve. Is this Hollywood?