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  1. speaking of that Aggie, you know who i had to go with. Pengemunt trying to blend with "the kids".
  2. some redesigns of my 2-month-old Bogger Rook stuff. idk if i've ever posted the originals here (and if i haven't, i'd rather not post them now), but i have improved for sure. feels nice to revisit a relatively old idea.
  3. as suggested by Bee earlier, Plundak as Chaos. this one's more lazy but i still love it
  4. the legendary comeback of Grifters Being Pals™, this time with an even bigger Smith
  5. long story short, i'm working on art for Shel mod and i drew @onetinybee's OC Rhiss (human) in one of the cards, and uh,,,, they're the Murder Bay Besties now (including my OC) not the content you wanted, but possibly the content you needed
  6. nothing cool to see here. i literally just painted Rook's coin.
  7. please check out TaschDraws on YouTube and Twitch. she and her VA friends (credited in the video description/title) stream Griftlands with voice acting for every character. it's great. that's why i made an animatic for it. enjoy.
  8. OH HEY DID SOMEONE SAY BOGTOBER- anyway, this is some sort of a Griftlands x Darkest Dungeon crossover featuring my OC, because why not
  9. allow us to pet the grifters, klei. this might be a good idea. or maybe not, considering what happened here