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  1. Version 1.0.1


    Bug Fixes: Fixes the transition to and from full moons while playing Always Night. You will no longer need to save/reload or enter/exit an area to get the correct moon lighting. Tweaks: (disabled by default) Cavelight: By default, cavelight is not affected by worldgen daylight settings (such as Always Night). "Like Outside" will make cavelight match the outdoor lighting, including full moons. Changing this setting while in an active game may require you to enter/exit the cave to update your lighting.
  2. I have this in my current game. My bunker doors are four tiles below the top of the map (including the two unbuildable tiles). In a previous game, this did not happen when I had the doors 11 tiles below the top.
  3. While working with Pips, I found they would not plant in a spot they normally would. After a while, I realized that one of the spots had two Mealwood plants. Earlier, I had many more Pips in this area, so they may have been able to add the two Mealwoods simultaneously. Removing the duplicate plant allowed them to plant on the empty slot to the left, where the Pip is currently.