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  1. I try to play with my friends in local network, and the server keep crash frequently after around 1 hour. Could any one help me with that? Latest test by my self playing in seed ID 1585833923 with the following mods: Craft Pot [DS, ROG, SW, DST] [DST]Musha [Stable version] Myth Words theme Myth Words character [API] Gem Core(Now with World Seeds!) Witching Hour Boss Indicators No grass gekko Simple Health Bar DST Map Revealer for DST Quick Pick Personal Chesters DST Where's My Beefalo? Geometric Placement Infinite Tent Uses Show Me (Origin) Wormhole Marks [DST] Extra Equip Slots Chinese Language Pack Display Food Values Global Positions Combined Status Minimap HUD The logs is in the attachment, There are a lot of error message: Could not find anim build FROMNUM Net partial byte (10) out of range [0, 7] Error serializing lua state for entity pigman_witch[107012] server_log.txt