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  1. i don't think DST sucks. it just get boring after playing a lot of days. as i observed, people lost their interest in DST because the updates don't meet their expectations anymore. the people in this forum used to be considerate but it seems that some of them can't stand someone criticizing the game.
  2. keep thinking like this and don't forget to play cawnival games over and over cuz that will be the only thing that you will enjoy in this game. peace!
  3. LOL gameplay of Don't Starve sucks. it stopped getting updates as well. i've played with tropical experience and island adventures mods too. i even hosted 4 sharded server just to have shipwrecked experience but it's not fun anymore. as i told before; i'm looking for a brand new one, not the ones released years ago. it's just sad to see no one wants to see a new world.
  4. i'm saying most of the players(including me) create a new world when they get bored of the current one. if you don't enjoy building a mega base, then you will (probably) end up creating a new world. i'm tired of seeing early/mid game contents instead of late game contents. it can be optional to host more than 2 shards. i just want a brand new shard with tons of content in it.
  5. the only motivation i have left is the sealed portal. there's literally nothing left to do with current shards(forest+caves) for me. i think we need another world like hamlet or shipwrecked so we can keep playing in the same world instead of creating a new world every week. they have reworked the crafting menu so they can add a huge amount of new crafts with ease. i'm checking forums every thursday if there's a beta announcement for the new arc. hope we see it soon.
  6. i'm pretty sure it will be based on the sealed portal. it's been more than 1.5 year since it was added and it still has no function.
  7. take a look at the fur of the deer i sent. it has a poor look, the lines are really bad compared to the hd one. it's like changing quality of a video from 360p to 1080p.
  8. hd stands for high definition which means better resolution. therefore, the deers have better look now.