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  1. I'm late, haven't been playing lately, and highkey a little down, but the gods have smiled upon me on this day! What joy! What glee! (Woolly Chester is so great I just wanna snuggle em! ) I'm excited for Webber's refresh too, and I really hope that lil animation will be a new idle for them! Sweet child! Forever holds my heart in webs!
  2. I never ended up finishing this but it's a dumb thing based off that one vine you know the one. I truly don't remember what inspired me to make this one, I was probably having a mental breakdown at the time that is the only possibly conclusion.
  3. Hello, I am here to tell you that your art is beautiful and wonderful and I think I'm in love. Like?? How does one so firmly capture the spirit of DSs art style while still being so smooth and unique??? Honestly it's amazing. and wes may always be cute but your wesley in particular has me shook
  4. Yyyyeaaaaaahhh, like others have said here, I trust that you'll maintain control and all, but please be cautious. I trust you to do this right, somehow, I just hope my trust isn't misplaced. Please be careful, for all of our sakes.
  5. I think they're really just for decoration. Buuuut, you can plant several different things in them, including light-flowers/bulbs/plants, so it can serve as a temporary light-source (until the plant spoils.)
  6. I'll go ahead and consider this my birthday gift. I amn. very happy.
  7. Gonna take this and run with it a bit cuz found-family is my favorite trope and family fluff runs through my veins. Don't mind me and my long-posting. The best therapy is writing about a fictional character's therapy.
  8. I don't wanna get hopes up, but they might have planned to release the new drop alongside a Year of the Beefalo update. If they did, then they might be having some trouble doing some last-minute tweaks to the bigger update.
  9. Decided to try out the "Tropical Experience" mod and got a fun little visual glitch. Sometimes it's an empty abyss and sometimes it's a veritable ocean of roiling nightmare fuel. If I were playing Maxwell this would be a dream come true!
  10. honhonhon right you are. Maybe sometime I'll draw the lunar hounds and give 'em that particular feature.
  11. "Mr. Holmes they were the footprints of a gigantic hound!" In which I sketch up concepts for hounds in my style and throw headcanons/theories wildly about like rice at a wedding. You know, the uszh. I guess I should warn that the theory in the upper paragraph in the image is p grim.
  12. Is it, Lucy? Is it really? (AKA, I've never gotten this set-piece before, and, after several tall-bird deaths when I first played DS, I have a bit of trauma and am not happy with this development. Fitting that I should be playing the bird-hater at the time.)
  13. My inventory is a mess, but I took the time to get kitty-kit and that's all the really matters-- precious little bean. I promise it wasn't intentional to put Chester in the time out corner.
  14. Lol, thank you. That's the problem, my once-upon-a-time good christian values refuse to let me draw the dingle-dongle. Perish the thot thought!