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  1. I mean, like some others have said-- it's the player that makes the game, not the character. Some Wigs can be total dead-weight and most Wes-mains I've seen could leave me crying in the dirt (I am deeply afraid of Wes mains.) But I can definitely agree with something like higher-priority aggro! It wouldn't take away from a solo challenge, but could be beneficial in a group. Other than that, though, I can't think of much that could be added to Wes without tipping the scales. Mmmmmaybeee... a mild positive sanity aura on other characters (no effect on any Wes players.) He is an entertainer after-all. I dunno.
  2. I apologise sincerely as I know this is off-topic but I genuinely had a minute or two where I was trying to figure out why you (and, apparently so many other people) were playing DST in a Wendy's of all places.
  3. Chop some trees, plant the cones in a little group, and map out the edges of the whole world/continent (inevitably get distracted and wander through some interesting spots for a few days and forget what I'm doing.) By the time I finish, the trees are about full-grown so i grab my charcoal and start setting up base. I mostly focus on getting base set up efficiently and take my dear sweet time doing anything more complicated, lol.
  4. Decided to try out the "Tropical Experience" mod and got a fun little visual glitch. Sometimes it's an empty abyss and sometimes it's a veritable ocean of roiling nightmare fuel. If I were playing Maxwell this would be a dream come true!
  5. honhonhon right you are. Maybe sometime I'll draw the lunar hounds and give 'em that particular feature.
  6. "Mr. Holmes they were the footprints of a gigantic hound!" In which I sketch up concepts for hounds in my style and throw headcanons/theories wildly about like rice at a wedding. You know, the uszh. I guess I should warn that the theory in the upper paragraph in the image is p grim.
  7. Texture-wise, I definitely think it's gelatinous. But I also think it's non-Newtonian in some way or another. Like, it's really thick and kinda springy when you press on it, but it pours easily-- it just doesn't make sense. It slips down your throat easy, but leaves that feeling like you haven't completely swallowed a pill. It's unnaturally cold. Both temperature-wise and flavor/spice/??? wise, like menthol. It tastes very bitter, but the taste is usually masked by the sensory-hallucination. It brings up thoughts of your worst fears (why do you think it's called Nightmare-Fuel?) It's also what gives monster meat its bitter/sour flavor--I imagine the monsters in the game were once "regular" (big quotations on that) creatures who were essentially steeped in nightmare fuel. But I could spew conjecture on this for days, lol. I love questions/discussions like this!
  8. I apologize ahead of time, as I know this isn't helpful, but mushlights are to DST as Wes is to DS Adventure Mode. Such struggle. Such pain and agony. Such small reward. Simply there so the developers may laugh at you, you foolish mortal. For your toils and troubles you are chained to the rock of mushlight/Wes, waiting for your liver to be torn out by the eagle Klei. You are the new Prometheus. This is your just reward.
  9. thamk you klei. Genuinely though, that was phenomenal! I mean, any short you guys put out is great, but that was really something! Happy Holidays and a very Merry Wintersday to everyone at Klei (and everyone on these forums too )
  10. Is it, Lucy? Is it really? (AKA, I've never gotten this set-piece before, and, after several tall-bird deaths when I first played DS, I have a bit of trauma and am not happy with this development. Fitting that I should be playing the bird-hater at the time.)
  11. My inventory is a mess, but I took the time to get kitty-kit and that's all the really matters-- precious little bean. I promise it wasn't intentional to put Chester in the time out corner.
  12. Lol, thank you. That's the problem, my once-upon-a-time good christian values refuse to let me draw the dingle-dongle. Perish the thot thought!
  13. Lemme tell you, i was in p a i n drawing Wolfgang's... erm... lower regions. I couldn't not because then it would just look wrong but dear god it was horrible.
  14. Happy Birthday Wolfgaaaaaang!! Feat. Webber being a cutie, Warly looking wack but I tried, and no actual shading because I don't feel like it! (Bonus: potentially low-quality picture because I had to condense it to upload it here lol.) man's about to carb-load like you wouldn't believe (is that a thing body-builders do????)
  15. Thanks for the feedback! I wasn't sure if adding another transitional frame would make it too smooth for the art-style (does that makes sense?) but I might go about doing that if I get some time and bonus-muse!