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  1. Hello I was having some issues since the recent summer update. Basically I get a video stutter every second or so. I have searched around and haven't seen any definitive answers to what causes or consequently any fixes. I have no mods. My system specs: i7 3.60ghz RAM 32GB DDR4 HyperX SSD Nvidia 1080ti 11GB I know I have more than enough power to run the game. Just trying to sort out what is causing it. Have tried all troubleshooting steps on support page. Also went in and turned off Nvidia overlay. Have played around with the settings in the game I usually run the game in 2560x1080 144hz for my Gsync monitor. Setting it lower doesn't improve. I have enabled the console so I can look at the map. That is the only thing I can determine that rendering the whole map is overloading the engine. Anyway, cheers!