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  1. Sad. I think this can be optimized. For example, restrict the selection of paths. I noticed that Dupes use flight too often, for example, a Duplicants flies and breaks a block to which there is foot access. They do not land where it is possible despite the fact that they have limited fuel. Once I saw a Duplicant sleeping in flight, because he did not have time to return to base.
  2. When I built the station of jet suits and Duplicants began to use it, the game freeze(frame rate drops, not full freeze). It looks like this - the cycle starts, the game works fine - Duplicants wake up and go to work. When they go beyond the base in jet suits - the game begins freeze terribly. When the cycle ends and the Duplicants return to base, the friezes end too. If I close access to jet suits - everything works fine. output_log.txt DxDiag.txt