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  1. When an undecrated den is frozen, it has a part frozen for the flag on the decorated dens
  2. when i tried to do this with a pan flute, it just seemed to return the spiders to their nest when i tried to pick them up
  3. Spiders sleeping during dawn and night If they are in your inventory and your drop a sleeping spider during dusk and night, it will sleep until the start of the next dusk
  4. Spider permanantly sleeping Cannot be woken by webby whistle Only woken up by attacking them, placing meat near them, or using the shoo box and untaming them
  5. With my tests, I've found that tamed spiders put into the defense mode by the webby whistle will not go after meat on the ground. I'm not 100% sure how long the defense mode lasts, but make sure you blow your whistle when the mob goes down
  6. I love the rework, but some of the changes don't seem to work as intended, specifically the shoo box and the decorated nests One of the shoo box's abilities is to stop spiders from attacking other players once they are aggroed. But often, the spiders just see that player again and start attacking again, and during spider wars, they will continue the war because the box doesn't interrupt attacks. You use the shoo box and deaggro all the spiders around you, but many spiders are in the middle of their attack animation, and when they hit another spider, they start the war all over again. I would suggest giving the spiders affected by the shoo box a small timeframe where they won't try to attack players or aggro onto other enemies. It shouldn't have to be long, just enough time for players to run and the spiders to get their attacks off and stop wars. My other qualm with the rework is how the decorated nests were implemented. As of now, they pacify spiders in an radius around them. The pitchfork marks the range of the tier 2 nest, the spider on the right is pacified and the one on the left isn't (they have different expressions) This prevents webbers from setting up with the rest of the group because the spiders will wander out of the range where they are passive and start destroying walls and attacking players. I would fix this by making the nests only pacify the spiders they spawn, incentivizing the players to decorate all the nests and keep wandering spiders under control. My last problem is that tamed and pacified spiders still have a negative sanity aura, further de-incentivizing webber from basing with the group. Im not sure why this is still the case, as who could be scared of these smiley guys?
  7. If you drop a spider out of your inventory near a decorated nest and it gets pacified, it goes back to sleep and you pick it bac up and drop it away from the nest, it will walk around during the day, you will still be able to pick it up as it walks around
  8. When a non-webber character is standing next to the nest, and a spider is spawned, the spider will start attacking that player before it is pacified. It will continue to attack even once it was pacified.
  9. actually it seems to crash the server right now, something must have changed, its been reported I reported this too
  10. So the Webber rework gave him a lot of the tools he needed to become more of a team player, especially the decorated nests, or at least the concept of them. Currently, they pacify spiders in an area around them, with the area getting bigger the higher tier the nests are, a t1 gives 3 tiles, t2 gives 4, and t3 gives 5. Once the spiders wander outside of this range, spiders will attack walls, aggro onto other players, and generally behave as normal spiders. But having the nests pacify the spiders they spawn would work much better I think, as there wouldn't be this area of spiders around the nest that aren't pacified and provide an incentive for the player to keep all the nests decorated. While I don't like that the decorations fall off if a spider gets hit near it, It does kind of make sense, but given that spiders main use is for combat (for example I set up a tree farming area with nests to kill treeguards), it seems odd that using the spiders for what they are intended for knocks off the decorations Another problem with the decorated nests is that there is a split second that spiders aren't pacified when they spawn from a decorated nest. This allows them to start attacking players that are standing a bit too close to the nest before they are hit by the niceness (for some reason, spiders will play their hit animation when transitioning from happy spiders to angry spiders) Another concern i have with the rework has to do with the shoo box. One of it's uses is to make any spider near the player stop attacking when used. But the effect of this item is instantaneous, so once the spider is made to stop attacking, it will just aggro back onto what ever it was attacking as it is still close to the spider. For example, you and a non-Webber friend are going through the deep forest. They get a little bit too close to a spider and it starts chasing them. You use your shoo box to try to get the spider to leave your friend alone, and it does. But then it is still too close to the other player and starts trying to attack them again. Another odd (seems like a bug/oversight) thing i found is that while you can feed switcherdoodles to spiders in your inventory and make them change, they will not tame to you. You can tame other spiders in your inventory by feeding them meat items, and you can both change and tame a spider using a switcherdoodle as it is walking around. So it seems odd that using a switcherdoodle in your inventory won't tame the spider. While there are a few odd choices regarding the rework, I still love the rework, its certianly a step in the right direction for webber, the added control over your minions that the webby whistle gives you is great, and now that you can pick up spiders, transporting your army to and from the caves isn't a problem. The switcherdoodles and nurse spider is great, allowing webber to create armies of spiders specialized to each task with survivability that the didn't have before.