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  1. Still no reply here or by email. Being ignored now. I'll try Twitter and Reddit
  2. Reported this here and via email about 5 months and can't believe this is still happening. Save files in Hamlet will corrupt and worlds will be lost. There is no point putting time into this game at all. I know you just take the money and run. But I'd like a fix to this. I see DST gets regular updates... all the time!!! That's where you make your money though. Honestly. Thought I would give it a try again after 5 months. Nope. 2 worlds lost after about day 20. This is stupid
  3. Jan sorry to be a pain. But I emailed a few weeks ago about the save files being corrupt on Xbox Hamlet. Any news on this or is it still being worked on? I thought it might have been fixed in the tiny update a few days ago but it hasn't. I had a world on day 21 corrupt and won't load. Just so I don't waste my time making a new world. I'd rather wait. 

  4. Numerous worlds lost because saves stop loading after day 50. Please fix. Been a few weeks like this now. Honestly waste of money.
  5. Ive reported by email. Got a reply and spoke to Jan. They have raised it with the devs. These forums are garbage though.
  6. Having the exact same issue mate. Tried it on 2 different Xboxes too so not a cache issue like some people have suggested. Lost my progress about 8 times now.