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  1. Thank you Peter, The first solution worked really well!
  2. Hello, I'm having the same problems for a while now, i thought that with the update it would get fixed but it didn't, and the workaround page isn't online anymore, can someone please help me ?
  3. Wow, this does indeed help a lot. Yeah the character is a really big project, as it's a mage type of anime character, and he does indeed has a lot of skills. I may be out of my reach, well, thanks dude, helped a lot
  4. Hi So, i'm new to the modding community, and i don't know much about modding or programming overall but i wanted to create a level up system for the character that is either a: A) Get exp by killing mobs (and if possible get different values of exp for different types of creature). or B) Level up every X number of days, for example, each 5 days he gets stronger. And i wanted to do him as a mage/fighter type of character, but as he gets higher levels he can use diferent skills and he gets a higher damage output. Well, that's it, i'd really appreciate some help and sorry if i've got anything wrong, english isn't my native language.