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  1. No one really defending them I see. A few, people using them for specific usages. Guess I'll need to move away from using them. I've lost count to the number of dupes that have died due to getting stuck somewhere with no way out, and not enough time to build a way out even if I notice the moment they run out of fuel (which I still can only deduce from the fact they either idle, or sleep)
  2. Jet Suits seem so good, until you realise all the pain they cause you. The tool tip is useless, it doesn't tell you they emit CO2 gas and don't work underwater. Both are logical, but if the tool tip doesn't say, how am I meant to know that! I have wasted many hours trying to figure out why my vacuum suddenly fills with CO2 at the last second. And also, I still have no idea why my dupes will without any obvious reason, suddenly idle and never move. I can only assume they have run out of fuel, but where can I check that? And why is that a thing if that is it, it means you still need to build ladders everywhere, which makes them useless!
  3. I'm having this issues. I have the latest stable build, have no mods installed.