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  1. yeah i know right, i can imagine how convenient it can be for servers with many players. I am someone who plays solo but when i think about it, it'd be nice if there were layers like say there are 6 sinkholes in the main world, 3 of them lead you to the cave and other 3 lead you to a mirror world etc, could be very interesting and fun for people with many friends lol
  2. Yes that was exactly how it appeared to be. I sadly cant provide screenshots because i fixed it, i thought if i were to replace my main save's cave files with another save's cave files that work as intended, it would fix the problem and i did that, luckily it did fix my problem. However though, while i was searching for an answer as to why it happened in the first place, some DST streamer told me that Glermz does this kind of thing on purpose via tweaking the files to get a mirror world so that he would have more resources for his mega base saves. Im not too sure if this is a thing but yeah that's what i was told at least. The reason why it happened to me without me having done it on purpose still remains as an unanswered question... so if anyone has any kind of idea about it, i would be happy to know.
  3. Im sorry if i am posting this under the wrong subtitle, this is my first time doing so.. Im on 200sth day on my save and since ive been trying to make a nice base, i couldnt get the chance to go to the cave till 200sth day.. and when i finally did, i saw that my cave wasnt really a cave but a mirror world of my...world. i am very confused and i cant really find anything on the forums. i have about 500 hrs in DST and this is my first time experiencing such a weird situation. i really dont want to give up on my save, i would like to fix if possible, so please do tell me where ive gone wrong with this save.. thanks in advance.