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  1. Make it so we can talk to neutral NPC’s the first time and conduct a negotiation battle to make them friendly. It can be named, “Friendly Conversation” Balancing wise, it can be like how provoking people works in this game, which is that the NPC gets 20 additional resolve and you enter into a negotiation battle. You are given Red intimidation cards as bonuses. In "Friendly Conversation", the enemy NPC is given additional resolve (maybe +10 or or something) to dissuade too many people from abusing it. Bonus RPG element --> Some NPCs are given the "wary" trait and instead of +10 resolve, it'll be +15 resolve when entering into a "Friendly Conversation". Also, instead of the red bonus cards you get from “provoking” an NPC, it can be bonus green cards. This will make it so going Green is more balanced instead of everyone going the Red (hostile) path all the time. It gives more flavor and rewards people for going the good negotiation path more! New ideas for grafts: Name: Friendly Face (uncommon) Effect: When partaking in a "Friendly Conversation" with a new person for the first time, reduce the resolve penalty by 33%" Upgraded Effect: When partaking in a "Friendly Conversation" with a new person for the first time, reduce the resolve penalty by 66%" Balancing: 1) When you fail "Friendly Conversation", the NPC goes into "Dislike" mode. This will make it so there is a risk/reward associated with this mechanic so it won't be too strongly abused. 2) What if people just spend all day abusing this new mechanic and talking to different NPCs? Good! People will spend more time playing the game. Min maxers will min-max no matter the game. This will allow people to gain the "Liked" status without having to pay 60 gold and suffer the "drunk" penalties every time for somebody to "Like" them (which is abused anyways by players drinking with NPCs right before they sleep anyways). 3) Players still abusing the mechanic? Tweak the resolve penalties from NPC. So maybe instead of +10 resolve it'll be +20 resolve (similar to Provoking people) to make it harder to abuse. 4) Maybe make it only doable only 1x or 2x a day. Bonus - New graft that allows additional "Friendly Conversations" a day. 5) People might abuse it for leveling up their cards? Answer: See bullet points 2, 3, & 4. Pros: 1) More interactive and quality NPC interactions. 2) Game play will be extended due to new mechanic that is rewarding and balanced at the same time 3) Negotiation is slightly better to invest into for getting NPC to like you...instead of buying your friends with money all the time. 4) More RPG-like, with ability to TALK to people to become their friends (but not loved). Bonus - Maybe a unique or boss graft to talk to people that are "Liked" and make them "Loved" if negotiation is a success. Do-able one time a day. Upgrades into do-able twice a day. 5) Negotiation is more heavily emphasized and a strong alternative to combat all the time. This rewards the double gameplay some more. 6) Lastly, this is an optional boon. People can always choose not to conduct "Friendly Conversations" all the time. The reward isn't TOO big and it doesn't hurt people for not doing it. It just allows for an alternative for getting people to like you. Any thoughts? Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Thanks, - ENK