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  1. Aw thank you! And sorry for just now getting to that pff-
  2. Sorry I'm never active! I sometimes forget I exist here- But, I come with more art! Mainly mime! Woohoo! Made this the day the skin came out! (Used to own two axolotls so seeing this made my heart go JSJAKKAKAKAMANKALAODUHEBAAAN) A fan-made snowfallen Wes skin! I've been dying to use this color pallet. Handsome mime Handsome mime Annddd no surprise, another Wes! I might as well draw all of his skins! Which I happily will because having a life is for dorks!
  3. Ooh boy! Another art dump! This time, ideas! Sadly I can't mod so this is the best we'll get for now- Pelimen! These feathered friends are much like pig, merms, and bunnymen, but are actually quite intelligent! These guys practically see the moon as a godly being, and every full moon will celebrate by dancing and singing together! (They aren't shy to include any survivors if they'd like.) They make their villages by water so they may fish. They have the ability to trade with eachother and survivors as well! Next, I stayed to my style for this one! Boris! He's a little self centered, but still a great help! He sets up his shop, "Boris' Goodies", near deserts. There you can get some useful tools and things from him, even if he is a little off-put by "hoove-less ones". He's not quite to dapper levels yet, but he's still a fancy fellow! What's this? Two character ideas! Yep! (Technically OCs but I've worked out details such as stats and favorite foods so imma add them to here real quick-) Wallace! An antisocial, quiet, and sad Italian that has a love for digging and finding bugs! While his low sanity and poor health is off-putting, his ability to sprint away with only the little cost of hunger makes up for it! This grave robber has absolutely no issue with disrespecting treasure-filled graves! And his "good friend" Warden! This large fellow has strength alone, but also a good hand with his trusty crossbow, which when broken he can always remake! Of course, a big lad needs big food though. He also has some of his own crafting knowledge, having being experienced with the outdoors already. That's all I wanna show for now! Have a lovely day/night!
  4. Essentially! Lol Also, thank you! In my style just drawing WX as they are feels sort of off? So I prefer to draw it more like a skull shaped head!
  5. Here to dump some art I did a few nights ago I believe? maybe just last night? Whenever they were, I swear I'm loosing track of time! I decided to draw my own Don't Starve character (his name is Wallace and he will not hesitate to steal anything shiny from you) in a moleworm onesie because it's cute! And next, I tried out a new style! So, with it came this interesting little Wes icon. Now, this one was made quite a bit ago, and I hope the way I draw WX's mouth is valid-
  6. Honestly, I would love to try and take on drawing the Curio Collector! Heck yeah! Also, thank you so much for all the compliments and such!! <3
  7. Ooh absolutely! I already have a little idea in mind! If you're cool with Don't Starve uh, fan characters, would ya perhaps be willing to draw mine maybe? If so, I could message ya the reference! If not, I totally understand! Sorry if it doesn't get done today! I'm sorta busy today!
  8. Sorry I'm a bit late to answering, and I dunno if I'm answering correctly, (still new here and working things out-), but I'd be happy to try and take on a request! I normally do art trades, or commissions, but a request ain't gonna hurt anyone! Thank you for the interest!
  9. I just drew a bit more! I should really go to sleep- I hope you enjoy how I drew our favorite cook, Warly!
  10. What is this? Older art like I said I'd share? Mhm. He too cool for you. And He too dapper for you. And, to end this off, take something peaceful!
  11. Haha I have done it! Successfully created an art thread! At least I hope this is successful- Anyways, I'm of course here to forcefully throw my art at your faces! Maybe not that forceful. But you get the picture. I draw all the time, so to show all at once would be a mess. So, I'll only show what I'm most proud of! You'll notice how I mainly draw Wes and Maxwell because I like them characters- Anywho, take this as the first drawing of mine you see! I just did this one today, and may share older pieces soon! Hope ya enjoy! Have a lovely day/night!