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  1. So, the problem got solved when I use root user. So, probably the 'steam' user have some permission issue that I don't know how to fix yet. So check out using root user when setting up the server. BTW, the 'steam' user is one I created using "useradd steam" command. I forgot where I saw such usage, but anyway, that user doesn't work very well. So for now, I am using root user, and it works. Sorry, I misunderstood that you had similar issue. My bad. And yeah, as I said, I fixed this issue with using root user instead of 'steam' user I created before.
  2. When I tried to setup a Linux Dedicated Server following this guide, an unexpected issue happened shown in the picture below. It says "Bad thread local". I am not sure if it is an error, and have no clue how to solve it. But, one thing is for sure, the process is not running as that guide shows, and my dedicated server didn't come online neither. So, anyone has any ideas?