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  1. Make the character a crafting station, similar to a science machine, then give the other character a recipe that is linked to the station and only they can craft
  2. As far as I know, you aren't allowed to reskin pre-existing characters Edit: I'm trying to find where it says this, but I can't find the article. Does anyone know where it is?
  3. So far, this is what I've done. In the stewer component, I created a value called foodtag, and used this code to assign the tag if self.foodtag ~= nil then loot:AddTag(self.foodtag) end And then in portablecookpot.lua, I do this: inst.components.stewer.foodtag = "warlyfood" And then in eater.lua, I have this for each stat: if food:HasTag("warlyfood") then if healthf < hungerf and healthf < sanityf then * stack_mult * 0.3, nil, food.prefab) end end Where the different values are set as each: local healthf = food.components.edible:GetHealth(self.inst) * base_mult * self.healthabsorption local hungerf = food.components.edible:GetHunger(self.inst) * base_mult * self.hungerabsorption local sanityf = food.components.edible:GetSanity(self.inst) * base_mult * self.sanityabsorption But it still isn't working, and I have no idea why. Any ideas? (btw, I did do a test where I just used health:DoDelta(900), and it worked) Follow up question: How do I make it that the food is called "Warly's ....." eg "Warly's Meatballs"
  4. I'm not familiar with tags. So, I'm guessing, that you add a tag, then you can check if an item has that tag later? How would that work with stacking items and such? Can you add tags after an item has been created?
  5. I'm working on this project:, but it's nowhere near finished and can't even do simple things yet. Maybe in a couple months or something
  6. Use: inst.components.eater:SetAbsorptionModifiers(0.5, 0.5, 0.5) in the character file. Then just make that values for nightmare fuel double
  7. I am trying to make it when you cook a meal in Warly's crockpot, the lowest stat of the food is increased by 30%. This is the current code I have: local foods = require("preparedfoods") for k,recipe in pairs (foods) do local p = recipe p.priority = p.priority + 10 if ( < p.sanity and < p.hunger) then = * 1.3 end if (p.sanity < and p.sanity < p.hunger) then p.sanity = p.sanity * 1.3 end if (p.hunger < p.sanity and p.hunger < then p.hunger = p.hunger * 1.3 end = "warly_" .. p.no_cookbook = true AddCookerRecipe("portablecookpot", p) end This works, but when the food comes out it has no texture or anything. How would I either change the stats of an individual item, or change the texture of an item created by AddCookerRecipe
  8. 1) Look in the pick-axe code. That's a multitool 2) The should be the efficiency attribute. 3) I think so 4) I think you can make it re-fuel able but I don't know how 5) I don't know. I haven't worked with textures, but look into how chester's eyebone works Hoped this answers at least some of your questions.
  9. Make a function to spawn a prefab into the world and then either equip it or move it near the player
  10. So I was trying to make a mod, and when I tried to start my game, this strange error came up: [00:00:02]: LOADING LUA SUCCESS [00:00:02]: PlayerDeaths could not load morgue [00:00:02]: PlayerHistory could not load player_history [00:00:02]: ServerPreferences could not load server_preferences [00:00:02]: bloom_enabled false [00:00:02]: OnFilesLoaded() [00:00:02]: OnUpdatePurchaseStateComplete [00:00:02]: Klump load on boot started. [00:00:02]: Klump files loaded: 0 [00:00:04]: Mod: mods (New Mod) Registering prefabs [00:00:04]: Mod: mods (New Mod) Registering prefab file: prefabs/bell [00:00:04]: Mod: mods (New Mod) bell [00:00:04]: Mod: mods (New Mod) Registering default mod prefab [00:00:04]: expected < There is nothing else. I checked all other logs. I have no idea what it is, any ideas?
  11. It says it can't find "Haley.tex" not Haley. Make sure you have all textures in the right place and imported correctly
  12. That usually means something is wrong with the character. There may be an error in the log? That may show us the issue. How to get logs: Open DST, go to the world that you were testing in. Above the delete button, there is an 'Open Cluster_X' button, click that. Then go into Master, and then open the log. Check for any errors
  13. Possibly add something in the stewer component or replace the stewer component on crockpots to check if your character is using it and then change the output? stewer.lua, 71: local function dostew(inst, self) self.task = nil self.targettime = nil self.spoiltime = nil if self.ondonecooking ~= nil then self.ondonecooking(inst) end if self.product == self.spoiledproduct then if self.onspoil ~= nil then self.onspoil(inst) end elseif self.product ~= nil then local prep_perishtime = cooking.GetRecipe(inst.prefab, self.product).perishtime or 0 if prep_perishtime > 0 then local prod_spoil = self.product_spoilage or 1 self.spoiltime = prep_perishtime * prod_spoil self.targettime = GetTime() + self.spoiltime self.task = self.inst:DoTaskInTime(self.spoiltime, dospoil, self) end end self.done = true end Somehow override that to edit the output based on a random number