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  1. I stopped playing warframe after they sold out to tencent, and even after decade of being a fan, I am absolutely going to turn my back on you guys as well. I gave you all too much credit.
  2. Unlimited saves for console, please. The PC version already has more going for it than the console version, give the console players the ability to host games with more than 5 characters please.
  3. I'd appreciate someone from Klei letting us console players know if we can expect unlimited saves in a future patch. PC already had that ability through mods, making that part of the base game for them just rubs it in even more that console players have no way of hosting their own saves for more than five of the numerous characters.
  4. Gotta say, I'm pretty disappointed booting up the console update and seeing we didn't get unlimited save slots like PC did. Are we getting that in a future update or is that just never gonna be a thing for us?