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  1. Nobody anwser, but i discovered searching that te timming was perfect... because i had reach the limit of experience. now i have other characters to unluck but requeres in game action. So is all good.
  2. Hello. Need Help. Was playing DS shipwreck and diyng a lot. So i search some MOD to make it easy to see the complete island. So i subscrive to a mod called : The resurrection platform can be repaired. And the game never started, show an error screem and it close it selfs. So i take out the mod, and unsubscribed on steam. Started to play again. but next time when i died, i have no counting on experience points. I have some characters still to unlock, but now when i die only appers "you survived x days" No XP. HELP Certain was the mod.. how can i go back to normal? I unistall teh game it and reintalled on Stream and nothing change!