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  1. been a while since I posted anything here for bogtober technically but uhhhh here. spooky bedtime stories!
  2. I translated the noodle shop menu from Havarian and the name of one of the drinks they sold is called Green Power. This meme IMMEDIATELY came to mind
  3. happy father's day from your local found family-obsessed nerd
  4. Guess who latched on to this idea- no need to guess, actually; it's me, I am a very predictable softie of a nerd For the love of Hesh help me I have not been able to think about anything else for like 2 days.
  5. Even though I drew over some parts of this I really didn't put too much time into this so I believe it belongs here
  6. Couple of random things I haven't posted here which are pretty much all inspired by folks' ideas on Discord
  7. Been a bit since I posted something here so here's Bar Mom in light of the occasion today (No surprise coming from me, right?)
  8. Have been talking with more friends and turns out this is an everybody issue. Nobody can play Smith day 4 now and I just didn't realize because it's been a while since I played a Smith run myself. And I KNOW for a fact I was able to play it before.
  9. I WANT TO STATE THAT I AM NOT THE ONE HAVING THIS ISSUE. Two friends of mine have consistently had this issue themselves despite having reinstalled and checking file integrity. I am posting here for them since neither of them have an account. They have only recently switched from the live to the experimental branch. When they finish day three, they are met with the "thank you for playing Smith's campaign so far" message that was implemented before day 4 was available. I have attached one of my friends' log file.
  10. Had another aggie with pals on the discord yesterday, had a lot of fun <3 here's my contributions: