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  1. Hi I found inexplicable fire Griftlands 2021-02-24 22-30-52.mp4 and here's some day 4 smith stuff idk:
  2. y'all ready for a dialogue dump? well here ya go: AND NOW FOR THE FINAL BOSS!!!
  3. gotta play catchup aaaaaaaaaaaa first off new faction, Deltrean: this dude named Palamborat is the only member so far: time for spoilery stuff! first off some of that placeholder dialogue got replaced last night: New dialogue: After I posted that last screenshot of the file to the Discord server Kevin himself decided to pop in and bless us with this line: also, what's perhaps the most exciting: we got ending slides the other day!
  4. Those are the new Admiralty Investigators! I checked out their animations last week but I forgot to post them here lol: And I know I haven't been really sharing about quests lately but Smith's day 4 technically exists now and this placeholder dialogue is too good to not share lol: also here's the death loot for the investigators:
  5. more finalized card arts! unrelated note; I'm gonna be starting school again and this year's gonna be a doozy so you may not hear much from me this year
  6. A friend requested Bar Mom the other day and I was VERY glad to deliver (based off this:)
  7. Finalized card icons! All of these except for the first are related to the nepotism cards: The first final boss area we saw a while ago also got updated:
  8. another update on the final boss area: WE GOT COLOR Smith's been donning a stylish new outfit in his new cards: and here's some death loot stuff:
  9. Soooo I made an interesting discovery while rooting around for outfits today. Remember those alpha-day slides for Smith, and that outfit he was wearing? Turns out the outfit's still in the game! As for other stuff, that final boss area got updated once again since the last time: Some card art/negotiation modifier stuff: And check out Mullifee and her sick weapon:
  10. Smith got another final boss area and I've been closely watching its development for the past few days... The nepotism card arts have been in the game for a while but since the cards were added in last night here they are: And here's 2 new battle cards:
  11. I'm late but here's my contributions to Pokelands Also here's some Mom Fssh because... yeah:
  12. My contributions to the aforementioned aggie, I had a lot of fun yesterday
  13. Been a little busy lately. Grifterbreads, snails, and slugs. All in a day's work!
  14. finalized card arts: some new "guard_investigator" people: and perhaps most exciting, placeholder graphics for the final boss area for Smith sneaked into the game with last night's update...