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  1. But doesn't something that make your meat last forever break the main principle of the game: Don't Starve ?
  2. I have also been playing with Minimap HUD and Combined Status and others but then I just thought that it would be just nice to play the game how the Klei wanted us to and I really enjoyed it more. Even though it is really harder that way but that what makes DS really beautiful and challenging - the fact that you can only rely on yourself.
  3. Good day, fellas. I am actually curious, how many of you play with mods ? Back in a day I played with mods like Combined Status, Display Food Values etc but then i just understood that this is not right. It makes the game so much easier while the game is supposed to PUNISH you. I only play vanilla since. Your thoughts ?
  4. I have finally registered on Klei Forums and I am very happy to become a part of this community. I have been playing Don't Starve since the release but haven't been usingĀ forums all this time. Well, NOW IS THE TIME.

    YASSS !

  5. Totally agree. Would be cool to get those updates Klei did for DST for DS as well, because now you play RoG through DST and SW and Hamlet through DS. I dunno why but DS gives me more memories so it would be cool to play just it and not DST for RoG.