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  1. Same issue -- birds and rabbits. Problem started right after the update.
  2. I have the same issue. I haven't tested birds, but rabbits, yes. If you leave them in the traps until they die, you'll get stale morsels, but you can't get the live rabbits needed for crafting. Edit: Tested birds. You see them in the trap, but when you go to open, there's nothing there. Same as with rabbits.
  3. I can still play the game after the update, but I can't trap rabbits anymore. It I set out a trap over the rabbit hole, it will appear to catch a rabbit -- the trap jumps, as usual. But when I go to harvest the trap, there is no rabbit. If I leave the traps alone until the rabbit dies, I get a stale morsel and the trap life is reduced. If you're just making jerky, it's not so bad, but I sometimes you need live rabbits, and this bug makes this option impossible.