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  1. Hello! I'm trying to add a custom follower for my character mod, like a chester/small woby mix (a moving chest, but that spawns near you the moment you start the game). I based the code on both of them but can't seem to make the follower itself spawn. The mod works, no errors, I can move and do stuff but the follower is not there I put character and the follower's lua files below. Any help would be appreciated! If there's anything else I should add please let me know. Thanks in advance ^^ catcoon_fren.lua fren.lua
  2. Hello! I'm quite new to modding but I'm so glad there's these forums---I have been able to complete my first chara well so far, though I'm stuck on one detail, as I have no idea how it should be coded :') Since the character I'm modding is very easy to frighten, I had the idea to make him lose sanity much faster when near monsters. I've been checking if there wasn't already a thread with this problem so I hope to not have made a repeated post. Though in case I missed it please let me know and I'll delete this and go there instead ;v; Thanks in advance.