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  1. I'd also like to know if the Switch extras will make it to the regular PC versions. One program I definitely don't remember is "Parity", that can lower the firewalls of everything within a 5 grid radius to the lowest firewall (so a group of level 5 firewall items could be lowered to a level 1 firewall potentially). Neat idea. I really like having this game on the Switch/on-the-go, and that's why I sprung for it on release day at full price. But the game has some pretty bad stuttering/freezing. Past the first couple missions, selecting basically any action results in the entire game freezing up for anywhere from 10-30 seconds. It kind of ruins the pacing/fun of it. Some corporations seem worse than others, maybe it's something with how many lights/animations are on screen at once? Regardless, it's frustrating. As with any port, I'd rather take a graphical hit and have the game perform well than have it look exactly the same and run poorly. Will there be an update/patch for the Switch soon to fix those types of issues?