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  1. Diablo 2 got it right 20 years ago - if you want permadeath you start a hardcore game. People who want bigger challenge play hardcore, and those who don't go softcore. Really simple. The game will be absolutely the same for you and more enjoyable for me. What's the problem with that?
  2. Leaving aside the fact that Griftlands is a very poor choice for a permadeath game, due to the relatively long playtime and the involvement you get with the story and quests as they unfold, I don't understand the point of "rouguelikes" which keep a save on my disc drive. You're just making it inconvenient for me to save the game. There's nothing bad with making that an option for players at the start of a session, but forcing a playstyle, which is not suitable for the amount of playtime and frustration threshold I have, is not good game design.