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  1. heres in essence what i wrote in the prefab file for supposed modded structure, excluding all irrelevant parts: local function fn() if inst.components.moddedStructureComponent:isComplete() then end if inst.components.moddedStructureComponent:isIncomplete() then --line 123 end end meanwhile heres in essence what I wrote in the component that was mentioned above: local moddedStructureComponent = Class(function(self, inst) self.progressOnConstruction = 0 self.isIncomplete = (self.progressOnConstruction==0) end) function moddedStructureComponent:isComplete() local isComplete = (self.progressOnConstruction == 1) return isComplete end function moddedStructureComponent:isIncomplete() return self.isIncomplete end heres what in essence is on the error screen: /moddedStructure.lua Line 123 Attempt to call "isIncomplete" (a boolean value) Heres my question, how come the if-condition calling for isComplete() has no problem meanwhile the if-condition calling for isIncomplete has a problem?