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  1. yeah that thing would be fine, just not show the other main characters, it could show maybe pistols/daggers, other NPCs, whatever, but not Rook/Smith. It's not like you need to actually draw something representative of Sal on every other card, just make them inspired on her or on what the card is telling.
  2. I'm sorry but I don't understand why it should be any difficult, you don't need to draw whole Sal's body or face to make a card, you can just draw anything but not other characters lol. For me it ruins a bit the immersion tbh. It's not that difficult to change the art of cards and in many other Deckbuilders characters dont have art mixed between them (Slay the Spire) just on Common Cards. Character Specific Cards should have Character Specirfic Art accordingly, but idk I won't stop playing Griftlands because of this or anything, but I think its a concept worth pointing out so Klei staff knows about it.
  3. As I recently saw on Reddit, there are some users including me, which don't understand why you mix up character art on each characters cards. I mean, Sal haas many cards with Rook/Smith in the art, and I think this makes the game less consisten, as it doesn't really feel like you're playing a character if the art is all mixed up with the others. I think you should try to do some changes with this because it feels really weird to be playing cards that refer to a character you're not playing. I'll add a screenshot with the reddit post: (reddit link: )
  4. Will the game have Spanish translation any time soon?
  5. I loved your new ideas, and forever wondered why did we have a Pistols tab if you can only increase/decrease the chambers. I really hope Klei comes up in a few upates with some new pistols for Rook, because I do think it's an unexplored part of the game that definitely should come to happen.
  6. This game is perfect for the rogue-like genre. Runs may be longer than other rogue-likes, yes. But that isn't enough to say it's a poorly made decision. Btw most of the time you spent in this game is reading actually, all of the playthrough I've done while I already had read most of the dialogs have been between 1-2h long, which in many cases is normal (in StS you spend between 30min-1h for a game, in EtG you spend around an 1h... it is true Griftlands takes a longer approach, but I think it's a rather good approach because it introduces some freshness in the genre. Maybe it's just not a game for you, but blaming it on the devs I think is incorrect.
  7. Lol It happened to me like 12 times but I actually don't recon it, so it may have happened that LOL. Should try to smoke a bit less on the mornings. I'm sorry for the inconvenience Klei moderators q.q
  8. Been playing a Rook's Brawl earlier this morning, Kicker worked only 1/5 times I discarded it. It happened in Rook's Brawl but may happen in adventure too. Had to end the game at Day 1 sadly bc my Negotiation deck couldn't do anything most of the times. EDIT: SOLVED
  9. Oh I see, did like it on the first Day though, I found Parasite to be a bit meh on this run compared to all the others (+ it lets you stall the first Rook Negotiation in order to get some XP in cards, bc you can heal Resolve lost afterwards, which is always nice to start a run, more of this in higher difficulties).
  10. I've played like 20 bleed decks now and I say that through the consistency of my games, I have found the card so underpowered in many occasions (even when having Bleed related grafts, 1 more isn't enough sorry, even if you had 3 of that card, its just 3 more added in total, not worth it given the fact sometimes you might wanna initiate the bleed on a new target and you won't be able to do that with Savage Lacerate.
  11. about the Parasite event thingy, I just started playing that Rook's campaign from the point I left it and it showed up on the beginning of day 2. Should look it up and patch it bc having it to show up 2nd day makes it so difficult to upgrade reliably.
  12. I'm on the experimental branch and what you are saying doesn't appear as that. Screenshot so you can see what I mean.
  13. There is a difficulty setting in the existence of the Prestidge Mode
  14. that could lead to a bit of an extreme op thing by having just 2 or 3 on the deck. I think doubling bleed is more of a unique card than an upgrade for Lacerate. It could be a gold tier card with Expend.