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  1. A simple endless mode function English is not my native language, so look at the picture Location information can be obtained from the tavernkeeper Menu, each time you go forward, you will get reward points, points can be purchased for permanent blessing, only in this mode The main menu, you can get random types every time Fight When you turn on the blessing of allies When you turn on the blessing of power Random events store Get all the cards in the game I don't understand lua So the code is messy If anyone is interested, you can download it here
  2. A simple MOD,Add special conversations for different identities for example NPC's identity is a SMUGGLER You can buy special items for a large price NPC's identity is a WEALTHY MERCHANT You can convince him to invest in you (spend RESOLVE to exchange money) (In order to test in the picture, only the dialogue of the corresponding identity will actually be triggered) download
  3. Thank you I think there should be a few months away from the creative workshop, I try to make some simple MOD
  4. I hope someone will reply to me and make me feel not alone This makes me feel that my post is blocked
  5. A simple MOD, you can use money to directly eliminate resentment and gain goodwill Can be effective for anyone, whether it’s a bar owner, a security guard or a boss Can borrow money from any NPC that is not HATE Base value 25, adjusted according to your reputation and the strength of the opponent According to favorability LOVED,BASE * 2 LIKED,BASE * 1.5 NEUTRAL,BASE * 1 DISLIKED,BASE * 0.5 When you borrow money, you will consume favorability download I hope someone will reply to me and make me feel not alone This makes me feel that my post is blocked
  6. A simple MOD, pet store Added an option to buy pets in the pub conversation for sal Buy a general pet, like the original pet in the game Or buy special pets, some pets that are not available All pets can be trained here +10 MAX HP +2 STR Gain negotiation gain (If it is a special pet,gain loyal_vroc) First attempt to make a MOD download How to use MOD, refer to this article