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  1. I have no idea if I'm allowed to solicit a free copy of DST on here, and i feel really bad about asking this, but does anyone have an extra copy of DST that they're willing to give me so I can give it to my sister? My little sister loves playing DST but she isn't able to play it anymore because she was playing it on my other sister's Steam account and the sister with the steam account decided to change her password, as she was tired of my little sister playing DST on it. Our mother isn't willing to buy my little sister a copy, and I do not make my own money (I'm a jobless minor) so I'm unable to get it for her. I really hate begging, but If anyone is generous enough to give me their extra copy, it would really make my day. I really don't have much that I could possibly repay you with but I could offer artwork. (but my art isn't that good) I only have about $3 on my steam balance from selling DST items, but I'm more than willing to buy a cheap skin or something for you.